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Zurab Garakanidze

Professor Zurab Garakanidze is a member of the Federation of Journalists of Georgia. He wrote more than 100 analytical letters in the Georgian media, published 3 monographs. Zurab Garakanidze is a veteran of War for Territorial Integrity of Georgia, member of Economists’ and Political Scientists’ Associations of Georgia.
Mr. Zurab Garakanidze is Participated the Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Leadership program. He won E. Carnegie/NCEEER Fellowship - USA Harvard HKS’s National Security Program, Visiting Fellow (January-May 2009); He worked in the WB Project CERMA - Enterprise Rehabilitation as a Business Consultant. Z. Garakanidze was a Project Coordinator at the UN (UNDP) Project Support for National Security Council – NSC; He was a Deputy Dean of the TACIS Program Civil Service Reform and Training - PACT. Mr. Zurab Garakanidze is Head of Economic Department of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection.